Dentures are pleasant to have because they can improve your smile and give you the ability to chew food more thoroughly. You must undergo an examination and be treated for any oral problems that you may have before you can safely wear dentures. Learn about denture creation and how much you can expect to pay for them.

What Happens When Dentures are Created?

Before dentures are created, you will be given an examination to determine the condition of your jawbones, teeth and gums. An x-ray will give the dentist a look at your jawbones to determine if they are weak and affecting any teeth remaining in your mouth. Loose teeth will have to be extracted and damaged teeth will have to be treated according to their condition. You may also need to take antibiotics if you have a gum infection.

The denture creation process will begin with your jaw measurements being taken, basically the distance between them. An impression of your remaining teeth will be obtained if you have any. The color choice for the dentures will be discussed with you to pick a color that you are satisfied with, such as off or pearly white. The dentures will then be customized and fitted inside of your mouth to make sure they are comfortable.

How Much Does it Cost for Dentures to be Created?

The cost for dentures will vary because it depends on what type you need for your specific condition. If you don't have any teeth and simply want a basic set of upper and lower dentures, the cost can average up to $1,000. Dentures that are more natural and constructed of higher quality materials will be more expensive. You must have a consultation with a denturist if you want a specific quote based off your needs.

There are also some dental insurance companies that will pay for a portion of the cost of dentures. However, they will usually only pay if it is a medical need that has been diagnosed by a dentist. You can ask your insurance company in advance if they can handle a portion of the expenses.

Food is much more enjoyable when you can chew it without a struggle. You will enjoy smiling more often when you have a set of teeth in your mouth. Contact a denturist like a Burke Mountain Denturist so he or she can being the denture creation process so you can enjoy having teeth again!