If you have considered getting dentures but can't stand the thought of them sliding around or falling out while you are eating, there is still an option for you. Modern advances in dentistry have resulted in a variety of denture options that meet each patient's individual needs. One such type of dentures is called implant retained dentures. Most people know that dental implants are a pricey option to replace missing teeth.

If you are missing all of your teeth, you most likely think that this option is not for you. While a full set of implant teeth can cost you about the same as an expensive car, implant retained dentures are a more affordable option.

What Are They?

Implant retained dentures are a great alternative for those who cannot wear traditional dentures. Traditional dentures simply rest on your gums and can decrease the blood flow to your gums which can cause bone shrinkage. When the bones begin to shrink, your dentures may begin to move more and need to be replaced.

Implant retained dentures are secured in place using the same titanium screws and posts as traditional implants. These posts hold the dentures in place without putting pressure on your gums. You will never have to worry about your dentures sliding out of place as they will be locked on to the implant posts.

What Are The Benefits?

Implant retained dentures offer patients a variety of benefits. In addition to less movement when talking and chewing, you will also be able to taste food properly again. Traditional dentures cover the entire roof of your mouth which can make tasting foods difficult. Implant retained dentures also require less overall maintenance than traditional dentures as they do not cause the gums to change over time.

Traditional dentures may need to be replaced every few years while implant retained dentures may last forever with proper care. With Implant retained dentures, you will have a more enjoyable denture experience with more confidence in your new smile.

Caring For Implant Retained Dentures

Taking care of implant retained dentures is similar to traditional dentures in that you should clean and soak them on a daily basis. You should also visit your dentist ever six to twelve months to have them professionally cleaned and checked for any repairs or modifications that may be needed. When you first get your dentures, you may need them adjusted a few times to get the perfect fit for your mouth.

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