Getting a crown is a very common dental procedure that is designed to help restore a tooth that has broken down to the point where a filling is insufficient, but that has not degraded so far that the tooth needs to be pulled and replaced completely. A nice alternative to a crown procedure is a same-day crown, which allows you to avoid some of the problems that can occur with a traditional crown. You should visit a dentist that offers same-day crowns so that you can take advantage of the convenience and the lesser amount of pain that they offer over a traditional crown. 


A same-day crown is a very popular option because you can actually have a dentist complete every step of the crown procedure in a single day. Dentists are able to offer this service because they have decided to purchase all of the machinery necessary to create a crown within their own office, rather than having to order the crown from a dental lab. This is a big advantage as a dental lab can often take days or weeks to complete your crown and send it back to your dentist.

As a result, you will have to make time in your schedule for at least two separate appointments to get a traditional crown applied to one of your teeth. While this may not seem like a major hassle, it can be difficult to get that much time off from work in some industries or companies, especially when you consider that most dentists are only available during traditional business hours when many people have to be at work as well. 

Lesser Amount Of Pain

A same-day crown is also a good choice for someone who may not have a high pain threshold, or who simply wants to avoid any unnecessary discomfort. With a regular crown procedure, you are required to wear a temporary crown for the entire time between your initial appointment and when your crown arrives. This temporary crown can often become very loose, at which point any fluids or food that you eat can get under the temporary crown and come into contact with exposed nerves. 

In addition, a loose temporary crown can move around enough to scratch along your gums. With a same-day crown process, the temporary crown is completely unnecessary, which allows you to avoid any potential pain associated with it.

Speak to dentists in your area in order to find one who offers a same-day crown and to discuss the benefits that the procedure can offer. A same-day crown is much more convenient than a traditional crown for people with busy schedules. This type of crown also does away with temporary crowns, which can make the whole process less painful for many people.

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