Tooth loss is possible if you have rampant tooth decay or an acute injury to your mouth. Tooth decay causes your enamel to weaken, making your teeth erode over time. Eroded teeth are more vulnerable to developing cracks due to mechanical stressors, such as grinding your teeth. If you have a cracked tooth, then you are more likely to suffer from an oral infection because the root of your tooth is exposed. Damaged teeth are at a higher risk of needing to be extracted or even falling out. In the event that one of your teeth falls out due to tooth decay or acute injury, there are ways for your to preserve it so that you can have it re-implanted during an emergency dental appointment. Here are two strategies for maintaining your fallen tooth until you can get to a dentist, such as Amherstburg Dental.

Put the fallen tooth back into the socket.

The fallen tooth can be kept safe if it is bathed in your saliva until you get to the dentist. Clean out the socket with small amounts of warm water. Do not let the tooth dry out while you are cleaning the socket, and do not try to clean it or any neighboring teeth with toothpaste. Check your gums for injuries or tooth fragments if the tooth has fallen out in pieces. Gently place the fallen tooth into the socket after your clean it out and get to your dentist right away. If putting the tooth into the socket is not a viable option, you can also place it inside your mouth and against your cheek to let it soak in saliva until you can make it to the dentist.

Put the tooth in a cup of cow's milk.

If you cannot put your tooth back into your mouth and allow your saliva to bathe it, then you can put it into a cup of cow's milk until you can make it ot the dentist. The sugars in cow's milk keep the tooth's root from drying out, allowing you to reach the dentist quickly to replant the tooth. A tooth that falls out prematurely can be replanted as long as the roots are viable. It is best to keep it in room temperature milk. Keeping the tooth in milk is better than keeping it in water because it helps to balance the salt levels that might affect your tooth root and cause it to burst.